Amazing Information About The Neanderthal

Hey this is known as the caveman diet and the neanderthal diet so I figured, you might as well learn some information about your ancestors. So, here goes.

The Neanderthal lived in Europ and parts of Asia approximately 150,000 years ago. They were well prepared to live in cold, they were of short stature but were quite strong and had large noses. Their height was 5 feet and 6 inches and you could compare them to competitive weight lifters.

The phrase “Neanderthal” was first patented by Irish research William King in 1863. In case you were wondering “thal means valley in German. It has two different spellings.

Compared to you and me, the Neanderthal was quite large and had different skull features than us. There is no evidence of their skin color, hair color or soft bits of their face. This is quite obvious considering all we have to go by are their bones.

These guys also rarely used tools. There is hardly any evidence at all that they used antlers, shell or other materials to amke tols. They did however have a few axes and other sharp tools that they used for hunting.

Here is a list of a few other physical characteristics of our powerful hominid friends.
1) They have massive shoulders with large scapulas
2) Their pecs were enormous, twice the size of ours
3) Their short and powerful arms suggest more strength in the rotator cuff
4) Their solid frame rested on quads providing a solid base from massive explosive and juking power.

Most importantly as related to your Paleo Diet, they never suffered from so many of the modern afflictions that modern day humans die from such as heart disease and strokes.

It’s really common to call someone a Neanderthal as a derrogatory term. However, there have been other sources, both paleontologists and fiction writer that counteract this sterotype. Hey, we’re all eating like them so maybe they were actually genius.

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