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Paleo Diet For Athletes

There are many reasons to assume that the Paleo Diet is just perfect for athletes. The rationale stems from the fact that Neanderthal man was quite athletic himself. Allow me to list just one of the fun facts related to our inspirational ancestor. One of the most amazing feats of Neanderthals was that they were […]

Paleo Books Reviewed

Here is my recommendation for the best paleo diet cook books that are on the market right now. Yea, you know you want this. a) Paleo Recipe Book – This is the product that I recommend most. It is the most comprehensive of all the cookbooks and the best place to begin. I also like […]

Paleo Tips To Burn Stubborn Fat

As far as I can tell using the Paleo Diet and checking out my Paleo Recipe Book Review is one of the best approaches to kicking your metabolism into gear to burn that stubborn fat. By making the switch to the caveman diet a lot of your body’s natural triggers turn on to get you […]

History of the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet does indeed have a long history. Of course, by now you understand that it’s roots begin with the caveman so I won’t go that far back into history. What I really want to discuss is the appropriation of the modern day “Paleo Diet.” It’s roots begin with Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtilin. He […]

Amazing Information About The Neanderthal

Hey this is known as the caveman diet and the neanderthal diet so I figured, you might as well learn some information about your ancestors. So, here goes. The Neanderthal lived in Europ and parts of Asia approximately 150,000 years ago. They were well prepared to live in cold, they were of short stature but […]

Fasting For More Energy

OK, I know that this is a review site but I can’t help but get into some of the benefits of fasting. This isn’t necessarily a key component of the Paleo Diet but I do think it’s important. However, if you’re too hungry to read on then have a look at my review here. Now […]

The Paleo Challenge

I know it isn’t the new year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start acting on your resolutions now. That’s why I am providing you with the Paleo Challenge. That’s right I’m challenging you to start and maintain the Paleo Diet for 30 days plus without any cheating. You know where to go if you’re […]

Paleo Chief of New York

GSBMDVB10507280 The Paleo Diet has emerged as one of the biggest lifestyle plans out there. Based in evolutionary biology it has inspired multitudes of “caveman” and supporters. However, there might be no caveman more famous than NY’s own John Durant. John is a man who started life staring at a computer screen and toying with […]

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    Hey all, this is Steve. Welcome to my Paleo Recipe Book Review.

    I decided to review this product because as awesome as the paleo diet is, it can be tough to keep meals fresh and innovative. Learn about the Paleo Recipe Book and find out if this product is for you.