Discipline and the Paleo Diet

Whenever beginning any new habit, whether it’s starting the Paleo Diet or working out more, it’s important to factor in the element of discipline. Without discipline you have nothing. People can’t rely on you and worst of all you can’t rely on yourself.

Most people wonder why they can’t stay motivated. They wonder why they can’t remain disciplined. Certainly they “want it” bad enough but they aren’t prepared to give up the secondary gains to actually get it!

What Are Secondary Gains?

Secondary gains are one of the biggest wrenches in the gears for people that want to succeed. For those of you that don’t know a secondary gain is the benefit that you get for NOT remaining disciplined.

For example, you may very well be committed to staying on the Paleo Diet but aren’t able to do it. The culprits are the benefits that you get for NOT staying on the Paleo Diet. In this case it would include having the ability to eat what you want, when you want it, social occassions and all the excuses that you get to make.

The Beauty of Discipline

Some people complain that discipline is a restriction of freedom. I disagree. Remaining disciplined is one of the biggest factors that can actually enable you to maintain your freedom. It sounds contradictory but it’s true. This is because you build an intergrity within yourself. A trust within you.

That means you’re able to simply say you’re going to do something and have the full confidance that you’ll actually get it done. This is an amazing quality. You don’t have to “hope” you’ll go on the Paleo Diet. You know that you’ll just do it!

There’s nothing more rewarding than surprising yourself. Others will become surprised to. You’ll serve as an inspiration to others as to what can be done. So go ahead, surprise yourself and inspire others!

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