Don’t Lose Your Caveman Motivation

The problem with maintaining a diet for most people is the lack of motivation that they have. People get so committed to the idea that I am going to maintain this diet no matter what happens that they set themselves up for failure.

Let me paint a picture for you. Someone starts a brand new diet and they have all the enthusiasm in the world to keep it and maintain it. They know they are going to succeed and shed all of that extra weigh, get lean etc…

Suddenly it’s a week later. The motivation is still there in full force. This person has shed two pounds, told all their friends about their new diet and are really high on possibility. They are ready to go.

Now it’s week two. The motivation is still there but a little less. Cravings begin to enter the picture. Every now and again there is a moment of doubt of whether or not they will complete their diet.

Onto the next week and things are even worse. They’ve stepped on the scale and found that they’ve only lost one pound in two weeks. This is completely disastrous. How could this be! Suddenly all motivation is lost.

This is the worst kind of Paleo Dieter. I’m not saying it’s anyone’s fault. All I’m saying is that they don’t have the proper mindset to achieve the sort of success that someone maintaining the Paleo Diet for quite sometime would have.

The most important way to succeed is to have your maintenance of the Paleo Diet your number one priority. If actually having the benefits that a Paleo Diet allows is important to you than you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

That means remaining steadfast in maintaining it and not succumbing to distractions…even if that means having a little faith that it will work :)

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  1. Bless you for making the effort to explain the terminlogy to the noobs!

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