History of the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet does indeed have a long history. Of course, by now you understand that it’s roots begin with the caveman so I won’t go that far back into history. What I really want to discuss is the appropriation of the modern day “Paleo Diet.”

It’s roots begin with Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtilin. He was one of the first individuals to suggest that maintaining a diet like that of Paleolithic man would create better health. His first book and study was published in 1975.

In this book he argued that man is primarily a carnivore (sorry vegetarians!). The Paleolithic man survived primarily on fat and protein with just a small amount of carbs sprinkled in here and there. Remember, carbs are product of modern day agriculture. Just 10,000 years old. A blip on the evolutionary calendar!

In any case, Dr. Voegtillin’s publishing were based on anecdotal evidence that he accumulated while practicing medicine. Then there was a key paper published in 1985 by S. Boyd Eaton and Melvin Konner. This is when the Paleo Diet became more mainstream.

Then in 1989 a Swedish scientist and medical doctor conducted a set of studies on the people of Papua New Guinea. These people were living lives that were very similar to Paleolithic peoples. His key findings were that these people did not suffer from stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity or hypertension.

Since this “Kitava study” a lot of interest has grown in the paleo diet among medical doctors/nutritionists and lay people alike. This Swedish scientist ended up publishing numerous books on these New Guineans garnering even more interest.

Since then, it’s become a lifestlye and even a movement for some people. A slew of products have been released from cookbooks. Of course this site is dedicated to one of those products.

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