Don’t Lose Your Caveman Motivation

The problem with maintaining a diet for most people is the lack of motivation that they have. People get so committed to the idea that I am going to maintain this diet no matter what happens that they set themselves up for failure.

Let me paint a picture for you. Someone starts a brand new diet and they have all the enthusiasm in the world to keep it and maintain it. They know they are going to succeed and shed all of that extra weigh, get lean etc…

Suddenly it’s a week later. The motivation is still there in full force. This person has shed two pounds, told all their friends about their new diet and are really high on possibility. They are ready to go.

Now it’s week two. The motivation is still there but a little less. Cravings begin to enter the picture. Every now and again there is a moment of doubt of whether or not they will complete their diet.

Onto the next week and things are even worse. They’ve stepped on the scale and found that they’ve only lost one pound in two weeks. This is completely disastrous. How could this be! Suddenly all motivation is lost.

This is the worst kind of Paleo Dieter. I’m not saying it’s anyone’s fault. All I’m saying is that they don’t have the proper mindset to achieve the sort of success that someone maintaining the Paleo Diet for quite sometime would have.

The most important way to succeed is to have your maintenance of the Paleo Diet your number one priority. If actually having the benefits that a Paleo Diet allows is important to you than you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

That means remaining steadfast in maintaining it and not succumbing to distractions…even if that means having a little faith that it will work :)

Fasting For More Energy

OK, I know that this is a review site but I can’t help but get into some of the benefits of fasting. This isn’t necessarily a key component of the Paleo Diet but I do think it’s important. However, if you’re too hungry to read on then have a look at my review here.

Now I realize that this might be a bit crazy of me to talk about fasting. Our nation is facing the largest obesity epidemic it has ever seen. For the first time in our lives the nation’s poor are dying from “rich man’s diseases” like heart disease. In any case, I think that’s exactly why now, more than ever, it’s important to bring up fasting.

The concept is nothing new. Once a year Jews fast on Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. Muhammad, the founder of Islam, fasted in his cave until he found enlightenment. Most seers, visionaries and mystics have taken time out to fast. For most it was for spiritual reason, but now the health benefits are actually being seen.

The phenomenon is known as intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting yields new found benefits in calorie restriction. When you consume far less calories then the average, you ultimately reduce the risk of some diseases and extend your life.

Human beings respond very well to not eating believe it or not. Every system in the body comes to rest and the body changes how it uses fuel. The idea of intermittent fasting is that you eat as much as your body needs, but not much more.

I’m certainly not suggesting that people should go weeks without eating. That isn’t fasting, that is starvation. But if people were to not eat for one day in the week or at the very least consume much smaller meals, this would be immensely helpful and healthy.

Top Processed Food Dangers

One of the best features of the Paleo Diet is that it avoids processed foods. In my Paleo Recipe Book Review I cover some of this. In the conversation regarding processed foods there are always a few culprits that take the cake (no pun intended!).

1) High Fructose Corn Syrup – First and foremost we have high fructose corny syrup.This has become one of the most pervasive ingredient in processed foods. It’s in Pepsi, juices, candy and condiments. It’s even in your Wonder Bread!

One of the primary reasons to avoid high fructose corn syrup is that it is a major factor of obesity. It is one of the most highly manufactured and processed products on the market so you can bet this sugary syrup is making you fat.

Another important reason to avoid it regards the corn crop itself. We’ve become so abundant on corn that we spending to much resources on growing it. This is to the detriment of many other crops. Nature favors diversification so it is not an ecologically sound policy.

2) Hydrogenated Fat – The other big culprit is hydrogenated fat. This is the process of passing hydrogen through oil by making it hot. It’s basically a liquified lard. This sort of fat simply does not occur in nature.

One of the main reasons it is bad for your health is because our body does not have the means to digest it. Since we don’t have the means to digest it efficiently your body needs more of it than natural fat. That means you eat more hydrogenated oil to become satiated and thus you gain weight faster!

3) Gluten – Ahh gluten. Gluten has become quite the controversial substance as of late. Advertising things as non-gluten is all the rage. For the most part people with celiac conditions should avoid gluten. Approximately one in 133 Americans suffer from celiac disease. This means that their digestive system can’t handle gluten.

Here’s a way to check. Go on the Paleo Diet for month or so, or just cut out all gluten from your diet. If you notice yourself feeling lighter, looking thinner and having less diarrhea then it’s probably best that you avoid it altogehter.

The Paleo Challenge

I know it isn’t the new year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start acting on your resolutions now. That’s why I am providing you with the Paleo Challenge. That’s right I’m challenging you to start and maintain the Paleo Diet for 30 days plus without any cheating. You know where to go if you’re looking for a few recipes to get you started.

There are all sorts of reasons that you may want to experiment with this Paleo Challenge. First and foremost, it’s good to give the body a jolt and to see how it performs on different diets. You’ll actually be able to tell how it’s affecting you and decide whether or not it’s for you.

There are lot of benefits touted about the Paleo Diet. Everything from weight loss, to more energy and better sex. But you’ll never really know if it’s true or not unless you actually give it a shot for yourself.

There are plenty of people that have been gung ho about starting the Paleo Diet, only to find that this was not the diet for them. Although I’ve found maintaining a primarily Paleo Diet to be quite useful it may not be the diet for you.

That being said give it a solid try. Certainly there will be an adaptation period. You’ll feel groggy and moody and maybe even hungry. This is your body adjusting. I would give it a solid month or so before you can honestly say it isn’t for you. That’s exactly why this challenge last 30 days.

Here’s a brief guideline of the rules you should adhere to.

Eat real food
Don’t eat Dairy
Don’t eat grains
Don’t eat legumes
Don’t eat sugars of any kind whether it is real or artificial. (fruits are OK).
Do not eat processed foods, whether they be protein shakes or processed bars.
Avoid alcohol.

Here are a few resources that may guide you along the way:

Paleo Diet Controversy

A diet that consists primarily of meat, veggies and fruit? Certainly this isn’t your average fad diet. It doesn’t involve eating grapefruit in the morning and counting weight watcher point. So of course, it doesn’t come without it’s fair share of controversy. However, if this isn’t a controversy for you then you can get started viewing Paleo Recipe Book immediately.

1) Sustainability: This controversial point exists on two levels. First and foremost it’s difficult for many people to maintain a Paleo Diet lifestyle. They begin to crave the yogurts, breads and grains that they’ve been missing. However, for those that make it through the pain period of the first few weeks, they usually find that they like it.

The other question of sustainability is much bigger in scope. This question involves our planet. What if everyone accepted the Paleo Diet? It’s been scientifically proven that one of the major causes of global warming is the methane that’s released by cattle. So this would be a major polluting force. Not to mention all the extra cattle that would need to be produced to feed everyone.

The argument is that we evolved out of the hunter gatherer lifestyle for a reason! Because it was no longer sustainable. Perhaps our bodies are better adapted to living the hunter gather way but the world can no longer stand it.

2) Cardiovascular Disease and Diabates – People who use this point claim that a diet heavy in meat will cause obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabates. Paleo Dieters have a counterpoint of their own holding the belief that the real culprit that leads to disease is actually insulin resistance.

3) Toxins – This is an argument brought up by some nutritionists regarding free-range meats. Surprisingly it is relevant in so many circumstances outside of the Paleo Diet that it’s hard to take this one seriously.

Where are the studies that show there are more toxins in meat than other foods? The Paleo Diet supports eating free range meat. This meat is actually lower in fat then farmed alternatives.

Paleo Chief of New York


The Paleo Diet has emerged as one of the biggest lifestyle plans out there. Based in evolutionary biology it has inspired multitudes of “caveman” and supporters. However, there might be no caveman more famous than NY’s own John Durant.

John is a man who started life staring at a computer screen and toying with spread sheets. Slowly but surely he moved into online advertising. It was in this new chosen profession that he discovered the Paleo Diet.

As he’s mentioned in his biography, Mr. Durant never worried about dieting in college or high school. He always possessed an athletic frame and had healthy features. It was only when he

As a student of Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University, he realized that this diet was really in line with his studies and wanted to give it an honest shot. What he found was that it actually worked!

In his Manhattan apartment, John Durant has become a tribesman of sorts. He prepares communal dinners in his apartment on the Upper East Side and has even taught others how to make jerky.

He’s even received a stamp of approval from Erwan Le Corre, a man whom Men’s Health magazine once dubbed as the “most all-around physically fit men on the planet.” They sealed their friendship when they agreed to a bare footed and bare chested run across the Brooklyn Bridge on one frigid NY night.

Personally this is an especially interesting juxtaposition when comparing to the landscape of NYC. New York is a city with a new yoga studio popping about at every corner,

In a city surrounded by yoga studies and vegan restaurants these band of cavemen really stand out from the crowd. Dwelling in their New York apartments and dining on flesh by the pound they have no interest in the veggie lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables between their intermittent fasts but don’t expect them to cut out the prime rib, grilled salmon or seared shrimp. For the original search article make sure to check out the NY Times.

Discipline and the Paleo Diet

Whenever beginning any new habit, whether it’s starting the Paleo Diet or working out more, it’s important to factor in the element of discipline. Without discipline you have nothing. People can’t rely on you and worst of all you can’t rely on yourself.

Most people wonder why they can’t stay motivated. They wonder why they can’t remain disciplined. Certainly they “want it” bad enough but they aren’t prepared to give up the secondary gains to actually get it!

What Are Secondary Gains?

Secondary gains are one of the biggest wrenches in the gears for people that want to succeed. For those of you that don’t know a secondary gain is the benefit that you get for NOT remaining disciplined.

For example, you may very well be committed to staying on the Paleo Diet but aren’t able to do it. The culprits are the benefits that you get for NOT staying on the Paleo Diet. In this case it would include having the ability to eat what you want, when you want it, social occassions and all the excuses that you get to make.

The Beauty of Discipline

Some people complain that discipline is a restriction of freedom. I disagree. Remaining disciplined is one of the biggest factors that can actually enable you to maintain your freedom. It sounds contradictory but it’s true. This is because you build an intergrity within yourself. A trust within you.

That means you’re able to simply say you’re going to do something and have the full confidance that you’ll actually get it done. This is an amazing quality. You don’t have to “hope” you’ll go on the Paleo Diet. You know that you’ll just do it!

There’s nothing more rewarding than surprising yourself. Others will become surprised to. You’ll serve as an inspiration to others as to what can be done. So go ahead, surprise yourself and inspire others!

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