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Here is my recommendation for the best paleo diet cook books that are on the market right now. Yea, you know you want this.

a) Paleo Recipe Book – This is the product that I recommend most. It is the most comprehensive of all the cookbooks and the best place to begin. I also like it because it comes with supplementary products such as a paleo diet meal plan, and a guide to herbs and spices.

I also have a personal admiration for the authoer, Sebastian Noel, of Paleo Diet LifeStyle ( He is someone that has really known hardship and has found salvage in the Paleo Diet. To read my paleo recipe book review click here.

b) Paleo Cook Books – I know it sounds similar to the first topic but it’s actually a different product all together. This is actually the original paleo diet cook book. It comes with two cookbooks. One is entitled “Recipes for the 21st Century Hunter Gatherer” and the other is entitled “Paleo Eating For Modern People.”

These books combined feature hundreds of delicious recipes including chicken noodle soup, warm tomato and chicken salad, basil and lime rice and chocolate coconut snack bar. My mouth is kind of watering just thinking about it.

c) Paleo Diet CookBook — Ok, Ok, I realize all the names kind of sound the same but I assure you they’re different. This is the only one of the choices that is actually in hard copy form. Some of my favorite recipes include Greek Chicken Kebabs and Wild Salmon Basil Burgers.

This book contains 16 meal plans, features several pages of the food dishes and includes 150+ Paleo Recipes. Another boon is that it’s written by Dr. Loren Cordain. In case you didn’t know he is one of the leading expert on the Paleo Diet.


Overall these books will make an excellent collection to anyone’s cookbook library but my overall recommendation goes to The Paleo Recipe Book. Check out my full review to learn more.


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  1. I bought this cookbook for the recipes and there are some great ones! There is also a lot of explanation of the Paleo diet, which I didn’t really need because I’ve been Paleo for awhile now. For those who are just beginning Paleo, this is a good place to start.


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