Paleo Chief of New York


The Paleo Diet has emerged as one of the biggest lifestyle plans out there. Based in evolutionary biology it has inspired multitudes of “caveman” and supporters. However, there might be no caveman more famous than NY’s own John Durant.

John is a man who started life staring at a computer screen and toying with spread sheets. Slowly but surely he moved into online advertising. It was in this new chosen profession that he discovered the Paleo Diet.

As he’s mentioned in his biography, Mr. Durant never worried about dieting in college or high school. He always possessed an athletic frame and had healthy features. It was only when he

As a student of Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University, he realized that this diet was really in line with his studies and wanted to give it an honest shot. What he found was that it actually worked!

In his Manhattan apartment, John Durant has become a tribesman of sorts. He prepares communal dinners in his apartment on the Upper East Side and has even taught others how to make jerky.

He’s even received a stamp of approval from Erwan Le Corre, a man whom Men’s Health magazine once dubbed as the “most all-around physically fit men on the planet.” They sealed their friendship when they agreed to a bare footed and bare chested run across the Brooklyn Bridge on one frigid NY night.

Personally this is an especially interesting juxtaposition when comparing to the landscape of NYC. New York is a city with a new yoga studio popping about at every corner,

In a city surrounded by yoga studies and vegan restaurants these band of cavemen really stand out from the crowd. Dwelling in their New York apartments and dining on flesh by the pound they have no interest in the veggie lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables between their intermittent fasts but don’t expect them to cut out the prime rib, grilled salmon or seared shrimp. For the original search article make sure to check out the NY Times.

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