Paleo Diet Controversy

A diet that consists primarily of meat, veggies and fruit? Certainly this isn’t your average fad diet. It doesn’t involve eating grapefruit in the morning and counting weight watcher point. So of course, it doesn’t come without it’s fair share of controversy. However, if this isn’t a controversy for you then you can get started viewing Paleo Recipe Book immediately.

1) Sustainability: This controversial point exists on two levels. First and foremost it’s difficult for many people to maintain a Paleo Diet lifestyle. They begin to crave the yogurts, breads and grains that they’ve been missing. However, for those that make it through the pain period of the first few weeks, they usually find that they like it.

The other question of sustainability is much bigger in scope. This question involves our planet. What if everyone accepted the Paleo Diet? It’s been scientifically proven that one of the major causes of global warming is the methane that’s released by cattle. So this would be a major polluting force. Not to mention all the extra cattle that would need to be produced to feed everyone.

The argument is that we evolved out of the hunter gatherer lifestyle for a reason! Because it was no longer sustainable. Perhaps our bodies are better adapted to living the hunter gather way but the world can no longer stand it.

2) Cardiovascular Disease and Diabates – People who use this point claim that a diet heavy in meat will cause obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabates. Paleo Dieters have a counterpoint of their own holding the belief that the real culprit that leads to disease is actually insulin resistance.

3) Toxins – This is an argument brought up by some nutritionists regarding free-range meats. Surprisingly it is relevant in so many circumstances outside of the Paleo Diet that it’s hard to take this one seriously.

Where are the studies that show there are more toxins in meat than other foods? The Paleo Diet supports eating free range meat. This meat is actually lower in fat then farmed alternatives.

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