Paleo Diet For Athletes

There are many reasons to assume that the Paleo Diet is just perfect for athletes. The rationale stems from the fact that Neanderthal man was quite athletic himself. Allow me to list just one of the fun facts related to our inspirational ancestor.

One of the most amazing feats of Neanderthals was that they were to known to have almost no trouble covering ten plus miles a day while hunting for their dinner. The most interesting fact of all is that they did this on a diet consisting primarily of meat. Suck it vegetarians!

In fact, there was a famous study conducted in the New England Journal of Medicine that found that the Paleo diet contained way more Vitamin C, calcium, folate, iron and essential fatty acids than our current supermarket-based far. To this day I haven’t found a better way of maintaining this diet then the paleo recipe book reviewed here.

Now it’s hard to believe for a lot of athletes that a diet void of carbohydrates like rice, grain and pasta could possibly be suited for a true competitor. They rely on these food for energy and have for so long that it is nearly indoctrinated as gospel.

But according to Dr. Cordain staple foods like pasta, rice and breads were not part of our diet until 10,000 years ago. I know that may seem like a long time but that’s really about half a second on the evolutionary time scale.

Of course, he does not suggest to cut barbs out completely. It’s clearly quite crucial for any top performing athlete to have carbs in their diet however, which carbs to choose is a whole different story. His carbs of juice are hands down fruits and veggies.

I know this may sound a bit odd to some but it makes perfect sense to me. Eating the way we’ve evolved to eat simply makes sense. Even if that means cutting out the Chicken Parmigiana. :)

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