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Before I get into some of my favorite paleo treats and paleo breakfast recipes (this is coming up in the next post) I want to give you some background information on the author. This is important because you want to make sure that the information is credible.

Well, the author of this recipe book is Sébastien Noël. He’s one of the leading authorities on the low carb Paleo Diet. His story isreally one of empowerment. Sebastian was suffering from a slew of health issues including leaky guy, allergies, malabsorption, irritable bowels and candida overgrowth. He had horrible migraines, severe weight loss and a slew of other problems.

This story is not a sad one. In fact, it’s really incredible. After years of experimentation and searching Sebastien has managed to completely change his health with the paleo diet. I mean, looking at him it’s clear that he is fit and in great shape. It’s hard to believe that this is someone who suffered from such imbalances.

The good news is that he has decided to share his wealth of knowledge and wisdom with all of us. His life mission is to make the paleo diet as accessible and easily implementable as humanly possible. Part of the way he does that is by providing easily digestible (pun not intended) tidbits of advice to help people implement more paleo recipes in their diet.

For many people, eating the Paleo way can seem limiting. They think, why would I want to eat like my ancestors when I have all this delicious food available to me right now. Some people believe that just because it’s called the caveman diet means you have to eat like a neanderthal. This simply is not true and Sebastian is on a mission to prove that. That’s why the paleo recipe book is a culmination of 300+ recipes all designed to keep this awesome diet savory and succulent. That’s awesome.

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