Paleo Recipe Book Review – What is the benefit of the Caveman Diet?

Before someone reads my paleo recipe book review it makes sense to learn the benefits of this diet. I mean, you wouldn’t start a Fried Chicken Diet without knowing what the benefits are right? Come to think of it, the only benefit would be that you’d only have to wear sweat pants from now on. Thankfully, this recipe book is far more sensible. So without further ado…here are the top benefits of this paleo diet book.

Slimmer Waist

That’s right, I said it. Since starting this diet I found myself trimming down significantly. I lost fifteen pounds and the vast majority of that was fat. I was shocked to find my self looking so much leaner. The best part was that it only took a week or two to start seeing the benefits.

More Energy

I know it’s crazy to imagine but when you feed your body what it is biologically programmed to consume, you actually functionally optimally. These low carb paleo diet recipes had me feeling more energtic then I’d ever felt in my life. I found the surge of life simply running through my veins. Sure, it’s something you can just right off but the ability to feel cleaner and healthier energy cannot be underestimated.

Scientifically Proven To improve Health

Recent scientific studies have shown that a return to a traditional paleo food diet has a slew of medical benefits…even if it’s short term consumption. Just a few of the benefits include improved blood pressure, decrease of insulin secretion, increase of insulin senstivity and impovement of lipid profiles.

OK, what the heck does all this mean? Basically eating food on the paleo diet food list can help reduce your chances of getting diabetes, heart disease and obesity. How cool is that?!?

As a bonus, here is a pretty cool video, laying out some of the emerging data on the paleo diet.

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