The Two Enemies of Your Paleo Diet Success

I know that this blog is dedicated to the Paleo Diet and more specifically to my Paleo Recipe Book Review. I happen to think that it’s an awesome product in support of a really cool lifestyle. But hey, I want to maintain complete transparency.

In a tribute to this, I’d like to introduce you to some of the problems that people most often face when getting involved with the Paleo Diet. And away we go…

1) Cravings – This is completely natural, especially if you are used to a a diet that is high in carbs. But there’s something that happens when you start a new diet. Your genes begin to express themselves differently.

That’s right, you actually have an opportunity to change yourself on a genetic level. For most people, you will crave pasta, cookies, rice or whatever other thing you used to eat. But as you remain steadfast, you’ll find these cravings subside.

Modern scientific research supports this as well. In fact, the blood cells that are in your body, right at this moment, will be completely different 28 days from now. In this short period of time you’ll have completely reinvented yourself, at the level of what’s coursing through your veins. Along with that blood goes unnecessary toxins.

Just as an added bonus, Chinese medicine supports this philosophy as well. All prescriptions have assigned patients to start a new treatment or new diet for 100 days. Why? Because this is about the time when your metabolism would change.

2) Motivation – There are moments you’ll question why you ever decided to start this path. There are moments that you’ll ask yourself why you ever decided to step onto this journey.

For me it was because I saw the results a friend was having and I wanted to try it out for myself. I also knew that I could leaner. I’d also be lying if I didn’t say that part of the reason was because I wanted to see if I could actually do it! That’s right. I just wanted to test myself.

The main lesson I learned is that if you want something bad enough you are undoubtedly going to get it. I passed up opportunities to go out with friends to fast food restaurants, didn’t eat at time and started shopping at a different grocery store.

Honestly it was all worth it. It was all worth it not just due to my extra energy and weight loss. It was worth it because I built more credibility within myself. I found that I could really do it. That I could really make it happen. This is above all else the most valuable lesson learned.

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