Top Processed Food Dangers

One of the best features of the Paleo Diet is that it avoids processed foods. In my Paleo Recipe Book Review I cover some of this. In the conversation regarding processed foods there are always a few culprits that take the cake (no pun intended!).

1) High Fructose Corn Syrup – First and foremost we have high fructose corny syrup.This has become one of the most pervasive ingredient in processed foods. It’s in Pepsi, juices, candy and condiments. It’s even in your Wonder Bread!

One of the primary reasons to avoid high fructose corn syrup is that it is a major factor of obesity. It is one of the most highly manufactured and processed products on the market so you can bet this sugary syrup is making you fat.

Another important reason to avoid it regards the corn crop itself. We’ve become so abundant on corn that we spending to much resources on growing it. This is to the detriment of many other crops. Nature favors diversification so it is not an ecologically sound policy.

2) Hydrogenated Fat – The other big culprit is hydrogenated fat. This is the process of passing hydrogen through oil by making it hot. It’s basically a liquified lard. This sort of fat simply does not occur in nature.

One of the main reasons it is bad for your health is because our body does not have the means to digest it. Since we don’t have the means to digest it efficiently your body needs more of it than natural fat. That means you eat more hydrogenated oil to become satiated and thus you gain weight faster!

3) Gluten – Ahh gluten. Gluten has become quite the controversial substance as of late. Advertising things as non-gluten is all the rage. For the most part people with celiac conditions should avoid gluten. Approximately one in 133 Americans suffer from celiac disease. This means that their digestive system can’t handle gluten.

Here’s a way to check. Go on the Paleo Diet for month or so, or just cut out all gluten from your diet. If you notice yourself feeling lighter, looking thinner and having less diarrhea then it’s probably best that you avoid it altogehter.

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